Life in Flow Therapy

Lori Cohen, MFT

My goal is to help my clients learn how to access their natural abilities to heal, and create better balance in their lives. Generally, I support clients in learning to:​ 

  • Reduce or eliminate symptoms

  • Function better at work, home and at play 

  •  Increase their sense of vitality and aliveness*

  • Feel more comfortable in their own skin and more confident in the world.

Here are issues I frequently work with:

  • ​Depression

  • ​Anxiety

  • ​Anger/irritability 

  • ​Trauma and Post -Traumatic stress/PTSD 

  • ​Low motivation 

  • ​Relationship difficulties, and difficulty relating to others

  • ​Difficulty in managing emotions

  • ​ Childhoods that might have seemed okay, but were actually kind of rough in subtle ways 

  • ​Childhoods that were clearly difficult in some way(s).